Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Futuristic Holographic

Allo there chaps!

I got some really cool new polish from Sephora this past week. I have been waiting for months for it, and they finally have it in stock! Yay me!

So I used three polishes today to get this effect. The first is a dark teal black, and then I layered a holographic topcoat over it. The top coat has all these pieces of foil in it and in the sunlight they change colours slightly. I then topped it all with a matte top coat, which is the coolest thing added to my collection.

Since sunlight is the key factor to the coolness of this mani, I've had to wait a few days before I could take a good picture. I painted my nails after it got dark and I kept missing my opportunity, until today!

So here she goes, its a few days old so there are some imperfections.

 Sunlight! You can really see the green and yellow tint to the foil here.

This angle shoes the blue in the foil

A little bit of green and blue.
Even with the matte top coat, the polish still has a slight shine.

This one is quite blurry, but shows the colours so well that I just had to include it.

My new favorite polishes! Gah!

I am so in love with this combination, I have so many new ideas from these polishes!

Polishes used today (in order of the photo) :
Nails inc. London - 381 Kensington
Nails inc. London - 401 The Wyndham
Nails inc. London - 221 Westminister Bridge

You can find all of these polishes at Sephora, but Kensington and The Wyndham come in a set. You cannot buy them separately. 
Man , now I want to buy all the holographic polishes I can find, they are so awesome. Haha what a loser I am.

See you soon xxo

ps what do you think of my newer layout?

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